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Goldstein and Bashner

Long Island Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you received another traffic ticket and are worried about losing your license, having it suspended, large fines and higher insurance premiums, our Long Island traffic ticket lawyers can help.

New York only allows for 11 points in an 18 month period before your license is suspended for a period of time. With minor infractions ranging from 3 to 7 points, you can see how a few tickets can quickly add up.

If you can’t afford another ticket on your driving record, give our defense lawyers a call and we can help you. Our legal defense team is by Ira Rosenberg, a veteran in the field who has spent 25 years aggressively fighting to help residents of Nassau and Suffolk County get tickets dismissed altogether or have the fines and points reduced.

Let our expertise at knowing the system work for you. We know the common mistakes on tickets that can get them dismissed, how to bargain your case down and help ensure that you don’t get points that can add up to losing your license and very high premiums.

Whether it’s your first ticket or you’ve already pleaded guilty to a few, give us a call and let us help you. 516-222-4000 or contact us through our webform.

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