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What You Need to Know When Campus Security Injures Your Son or Daughter

Can a Long Island college and/or their security company be held responsible for injuries caused by overly Long Island college campus securityaggressive security officers? What can you do when you think college security officers have overextended their power and injured your son or daughter? Campus security officers have a tough role of enforcing the law while not actually being police officers. They are there for one obvious purpose, to keep your child’s college campus a safe environment. But sometimes, they can go too far, and extend beyond their jurisdiction.

Has your child been injured while being harassed, frisked, or violated by campus security? If so, you should know that this is a very serious matter and you may have a case against your college.

Protect your child’s rights

There is no reason to fear pursuing a case against your child’s institution when there is a valid cause. At Goldstein and Bashner, our expert lawyers are experienced in pursuing college campus injury cases, and we will use our experience to build the best case to support your child’s rights and get you the maximum compensation you deserve for your son or daughter’s injuries.  

Contact our lawyers today for more information

Our college campus injury lawyers will sit down with you for a free consultation – we’ll discuss your specific case, answer all your questions, and explain what you can expect from the legal system. There is never a fee or obligation until we win your case or collect a settlement. Your child has rights and nothing should stop you from protecting them.

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