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How do accident lawyers evaluate a personal injury case? For many lawyers, it has to do more with the client than the case

 We need to find the real youEver wonder what makes one injury case worth more than another? I have seen thousands of cases in my practice and the one thing I can say for sure is that with a very rare exception no two accident cases are the same. Sure, we have many "hit in the rear accidents" or "falling off a ladder accidents" and that can be similar.We have even had cases where people have fallen in the same area of a particular sidewalk. But the case is always different.Why? Its the client. Each client has different personal characteristics that may make him or her a weaker or stronger plaintiff than the next. When we meet a client for an initial interview we can spend up to three hours with that client so that we  know who that client is. We project into the future when the client is sitting at a deposition or in front of a jury in the witness box to detrmine how well he or she will be recieved.

How Does the Client Affect the Outcome of a Personal Injury Case

There are several questions an attorney will want to know to find out how strong the client will be for the case:                                

  1. How does the client approach questions: Does the client answer your question with an answer or a story? Does he or she go on a long irrelavent diatribe about something that has nothing to do with the case. You can imagine how well that works during cross examination by a feisty defense attorney.
  2. Does the client get angry easily: If so, that could be a problem for the case. The last thing I want is a client getting mad at the other lawyer or even at me in front of the jury. You wont get too much sympathy for an angry client.
  3. How does the client dress: You better believe it! Appearence is crucial. Does my client have a nice neat appearence or are we talking hippie/punk/grunge..You pick the decade. The last thing you want to see is a client walk in to his trial unshaven, ripped jeans and personal hygiene issues.
It's not about judgement calls and we dont hold anything against anybody but you have to know the client and how they will appear in front of those people who will be making decisions that will affect his legal case and his life. If you need to discuss your case contact us for a FREE consultation.

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