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Where Is Your Child at Night? Rave Parties are Dangerous but Popular on Long Island and New York City

Ravesall night concerts featuring electronic music and held at clubs around New York City and Long Islandare known more as wild, drug- and sex-fueled parties for teenagers. The high energy of these parties, the wide use of drugs combined with psychedelic lighting, loud music, and large crowds of young people have made raves all too common places for rapes, assaults, injuries, drug overdoses, and deaths.

Raves initially started off as secretive parties advertised only through word of mouth with the location disclosed just before the party started. Today there are huge, mainstream raves that have permission from local authorities, such as the Electric Zoo held each year in Randall's Island Park. This year's concert was closed down by authorities early due to two drug overdose deaths, numerous hospitalizations and an alleged rape.

Are Raves Safe for My Children?

Many teens will tell their parents raves are all about the music and are safe, but this is far from true. Alcohol may be banned at some raves, but drugs are widespread at these parties. Drugs make teens much more susceptible to becoming a victim of a sexual assault. There have also been several deaths due to overdose.

Another rave concert tragedy was 15-year-old Sash Rodriguez, who died of an ecstasy overdose after attending a rave held in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Now her parents have filed a $5 million claim against the management of the coliseum, claiming it did not fulfill its "duties and was negligent in creating and/or allowing others to create a dangerous condition of public property" during the two-day Electric Daisy Carnival rave at the Coliseum this past summer.

There have also been numerous reports of alleged rapes at these events. Last year, a 16-year-old girl at a rave in Vancouver was gang-raped, according to authorities. Officers said that at some point during the party, the teen was given a "date rape" drug that rendered her unconscious. She was sexually assaulted by five to seven youths as several s watched and at least one took pictures & posted them to facebook.

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