My child got a concussion during a soccer game. Can I sue?

When your child signs up for a soccer or any other sport with a travel team, they will usually have you sign a release form stating that you know there are inherent risks in the game that are not the fault of the club. This does not mean you never have a case, but for injuries that happen during normal play of the game or practice, you do not. However, if there is any actions or negligence on the part of the club, coach, trainer, or facility that leads to the injury, you may have a case.

For example, if a child is not taken out of a game after an injury, they are made to participate in activities and drills that are not safe or age-appropriate, “dirty play” is tolerated even when it escalates to a point where an injury seems inevitable or proper safety equipment and gear is not used.

If your child suffered a concussion or any other sports injury while playing with a team, the best way to get information and find out the optimal course of action is to give our lawyers a call for a free consultation. Our sports injury accident lawyers will answer all your questions, let you know your legal options and discuss the best course of action.

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