Going after Homeowner Pays Off Big for Our Client

Our client, a 37-year-old woman who was working in a home that has just gone through extensive reconstruction, slipped and fell through an uncovered hole that was in between floors. There was no handrail or retaining wall, and no warning sign.The homeowner had a limited insurance policy that did not cover the serious injuries of our client. In addition to back and hip injuries, she had multiple fractures in her leg, and had to undergo three surgeries. To help her get the full compensation she deserved, we pursued the case against the homeowner personally. During trial, the matter was settled and the home owners paid a significant sum of money from their personal assets.With our help, our client was able to get the compensation she deserved for her serious injuries. Most attorneys would not have pursued this case beyond the insurance payout. We believed our client deserved more for her injuries.

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