When New York and Long Island Bars Are Responsible For Your Accident

Long Island Bar Accountability

“Sir, I think you’ve had enough to drink.” These words may save bar employees their jobs, and a bar owner from potential civil lawsuits. How so? Commercial vendors, including bars and taverns can be held liable for damages that result from an overly intoxicated individual. That means that as vendors supply alcohol, they are also responsible for monitoring those whom they serve.

Bar Employees Are Liable to Know When to Cut People Off from Liquor

Although it may be difficult, bar employees are liable for judging when somebody has had one too many. If a person is judged to be overly drunk, then they should immediately be cut off. If employees continue to serve an already intoxicated individual, and the person later causes damages, the bar can be held liable for these damages. In addition, bars can face lawsuits in cases where damages have resulted from minors whom were served alcohol and in situations where liquor was supplied without proper licensing. Bars and taverns must follow responsible serving practices. Studies show that somebody dies every 31 minutes from an alcohol induced car accident. Holding vendors responsible, and enforcing safe serving practices can help to reduce this figure.

Neal Goldstein partner says “Most victims and even many attorneys often forget that a dispenser of alcohol like a bar may have some responsibility to people who have been injured because of intoxicated individuals”.

If you have obtained injuries as the result of an alcohol related accident, there may be numerous parties liable. Please contact us for a free case evaluation.  We have helped many clients obtain substantial settlements from bars that were found liable.

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