The Most Helpful Websites You Should Know If You Have A New York Personal Injury Accident Case

Long Island Helpful Attorney Sites

Back in the old days if a client wanted to find out about his case he would call his lawyer and the lawyer would tell him something like “Your case is on the calendar” and the client would have to accept his word. On the rare occasion the client wanted to verify what the lawyer was saying they would have to go the courthouse where the case was pending and pull the court file which,most of the time, was in some old basement. Heaven forbid you wanted to find out a little more about your lawyer. That was almost impossible. Well things are changing and we now have some records sitting right at your fingertips.

Helpful legal websites for personal injury cases

Avvo– This national website is a database of every lawyer in the country. Lawyers who claim their status will have the ability to have much information about them presented online. Lawyers who dont claim their status will still have information about them but it may not be to their liking. The lawyers are rated and you are immediately warned if the lawyer you are looking at has had problems with the bar. It is a very consumer friendly site giving the client the ability to ask questions and search for a lawyer. It will also tell you much more about your lawyer. It will tell you about what kind of cases he has handled and even articles that he wrote that may be helpful to you. It may also have reviews from other clients which I think is very important. Check it out, it’s a great resource.

New York Uniform Courts– The New York State Uniform Courts has developed an online system which has taken the records from the basement and put them at your fingertips. If you type in your name or the index number of your case, you can get access to all sorts of information. For instance you can find out about court dates, types of hearings coming up, and even copies of motions and decisions on your case. Some individual courts have better databases than others.

ELaw– This website was developed by a private company to lure lawyers to use their “pay services”, however, anybody can use their services. All you need to do is register for a free account and you have access to their database of cases in the State of New York. Many of the items you get at the official New York State site you get here but the layout is different and is easier to view cases in one screen. As an example, the case status screen will tell you in one sitting what is going on with your case and many times it will give you much more detailed information regarding hearings and motions. It will also tell you when your case will be expected to be called for trial also known as “the standard and goals date”. Very good tool to have for New York accident victims.

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