Speeding on Long Island Causes Accidents

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Police just placed this speed checker on Hempstead Turnpike right by our East Meadow office. Will it help prevent speeding? Not for all drivers, but perhaps for those who lose track of how fast they are going. We hope it helps.

As Long Island personal injury lawyers, we know just how dangerous speeding is, and that speeding drivers cause a lot of auto accidents. This is especially true for Hempstead Turnpike—one if the most dangerous roads in the tri-state area—but also true for small residential roads, other main roads like Old Country Road, and of course highways like the Southern State, Meadowbrook, Sunken Meadow and Long Island Expressway.

Nearly one-third of all car accidents can be attributed to speeding. When cars go faster, not only is there an increased risk of an auto accident, but the personal injuries and damage are also significantly more severe.

When you are speeding, you need more time to react to unexpected events, such as a child darting onto the road or a car crossing into your lane. You also have less control of your car and may have more difficulty managing curves and bends in the road.

Speeding doesn’t really save much time!
As car accident lawyers, we wish that more people would realize that speeding does not really save much time and greatly increases the risks to themselves, passengers and others on the road. Studies have shown that someone who drives at 10 – 15 miles per hour over the speed limit will likely only save a few minutes every hour, and this result does not take into account the amount of time involved with a traffic stop.  Therefore, there is really little benefit to speeding, and the potential costs can be enormous.

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