Injured on a Train Due to a Broken Seat or Panel, Malfunctioning Door or Defective Flooring? We Can Help

Injuries on trains are common, and not all are due to a major accident or derailment. Many occur within the train car caused by such issues as a malfunctioning door, a broken seat, a crack in the flooring or a loose panel in the wall. Often these injuries are minor, but occasionally they can be very serious. These types of accidents can result in broken bones, brain injuries, spine and neck injuries, dislocations, and neurological damage.

What requirements make a railroad company liable?

In one case recently that went before a judge, a woman on the MetroNorth was severely injured when a heavy utility door in the ceiling swung open and hit her in the head. Rosemond Barney-Yeboah, 45, suffered permanent brain damage and has been unable to work since the incident nearly five years ago. The court ruled the commuter railroad was liable, saying her case met these three requirements:

  1. The accident would not normally occur in the absence of the defendant’s negligence
  2. The instrument causing the accident was within the defendant’s exclusive control
  3. No voluntary action by the plaintiff caused the accident

Were you injured on the Long Island Railroad or MetroNorth? A New York Subway? Amtrak? If you believe the transit company did something negligent that caused your injuries, you may have a case. Our expert railroad accident lawyers can help you explore your legal options in a free consultation. We have helped both passengers and train workers get compensation for injuries, and we can help you, too. Contact us through our web form or give us a call at 516-874-0466. We will do our best to answer all your questions, explore your options and discuss the best course of legal action.

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