Escaping New York This Summer? Tips To Fly Safe and Smart

Long Island Airplane Safety

As the summer months approach, you may be making travel plans that include airplane flights. We have compiled some tips and advice to ensure you and your family travel smartly and safely to your destination.

What To Do Before and During a Flight
– Book flights from airlines that originate in developed countries. These airlines are more likely to have better safety and legal regulations.
– Look for non-stop flights. These flights are statistically safer as the majority of plane accidents happen during take off and landing.
– Plan to bring drinks and snacks for the flight. You never know how long you may have to wait.
– Before leaving for the airport, double check to see that you have all necessary pieces of documentation

Know your rights!
– The passenger bill of rights ensures that travelers have adequate water, food, ventilation, and bathroom facilities during a flight delay. It also states that travelers have the right to deplane after an airline has remained grounded for more than 3 hours.
– Passengers should be familiar with rules number 240 and 260 of the Airline Rule Guide. In summary, these rules say that an airline may be responsible for covering overnight hotel fees and for re-booking flights.

Believe it or not, many travelers don’t know about their passenger rights. However, some of the few who are aware, have filed civil lawsuits against major airline companies for becoming stranded and for failing to be provided with adequate waiting conditions.

At Goldstein and Bashner, we want to see that travelers are safe and knowledgeable. Not only do we want to see travelers being protected, but other consumers as well. We work to protect people against safety hazards, mistreatment, and negligence. In doing so, we represent consumers throughout the New York and Long Island areas. Have questions about a possible lawsuit? We provide free consultations with absolutely no obligation to help you understand your rights and legal options.

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