Rick Rutman

Rick Rutman is a trial lawyer with 35 years of experience and a history of consistently obtaining excellent results for his clients, including seven figure verdicts and settlements. Rick was born and raised in Brooklyn attending the public schools, including Brooklyn Tech. For Rick each case is a problem that needs to be solved using strategy, focus, common sense and street smarts.

Rick has extensive experience handling matters involving workers injured while performing construction and demolition and individuals injured through the negligent operation of motor vehicles, unsafe premises, animal attacks, nursing homes, lead ingestion and municipal negligence.

Rick takes the time and effort to get to know his client personally. The more he knows and understands his client’s background, situation and family the better he can develop the case and maximize a recovery for his client.

Rick has two children in college and when he is not in court, he is active skiing, scuba diving, practicing yoga or playing volleyball.

Rick Rutman
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