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What You Need to Know about Slip and Fall Cases

Falling In All The Wrong Places

New York and Long Island Trip Slip and Fall Lawyers

Did you have injure yourself on either public or private property? Not sure what to do? Then download this completely FREE report to find out the essential things you need to do to win your case

  • Our report will give you the following information:

    What is a case vs what is not a case

    Examples of accidents not involving trips or slips

    Why special consideration is given to city cases

    We tell you the number one problem that gets most lawyers and their clients into trouble with fall cases.


    How much time is considered enough notice?

    What if the only person who saw the defect or problem

    before the accident was the victim?

    Does the notice have to be in writing?

    Are there some cases where you don’t need notice?


    Are there other ways of proving notice without a witness

    saying that they saw the defect or problem before the


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