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We get calls from all over the country about bullying--this includes physical and emotional bullying in personal as well as cyberbullying through social media and messaging. If your child is a victim of any bullying, you are far from alone, but it is important to know you have rights.

If a family member is the victim of bullying, we can help. There are steps you can take to help stop or prevent the bullying. Download our free parent resource: Fighting Back—A Legal Guide for Parents of Bullied Children to learn more.

The Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), which became a New York law in 2010, was designed to set up specific systems in the schools to help curb bullying and provide help and resources to bullied children and their families. When schools don’t take the necessary measures to discourage bullying, and don’t take action when kids are being bullied, they can be held responsible. Bullying often leaves not just physical scars, but long-lasting psychological damages that, when proven, are also compensable.

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At Goldstein and Bashner, our experienced school injury lawyers work are very experienced working with kids and will work with you to ensure you get the results you deserve while still taking into account the needs of your child.

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