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Young Veteran Killed in Bizzare Road Rage Accident

Posted on Feb 07, 2017
Broken GlassA road rage incident on the Grand Central Parkway in Queens has lead to the death of a young veteran. Here’s what we know about the incident.


The young man was a passenger in a vehicle his cousin was driving. They were returning from a friend's house in the early morning. The cousin bumped into another vehicle and both pulled over. Tensions were so high that one of the people in the other vehicle threw a punch and hit the young veteran, causing him to fall into the road.


A third vehicle hit him and drug him for several hundred feet. When that driver realized what had happened, they abandoned their vehicle. However, they were caught and arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal accident.


The veteran died at the scene. Both drivers of the original vehicles left the scene after they saw what happened. Police found them, but no charges have been filed as of yet. The investigation is continuing.


Family members gathered to remember the slain veteran. You can read their accounts in the linked news article. We hope that they are able to receive some compensation for their tragic loss.


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