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Young Girl Hurt in Brooklyn Bus Crash

Posted on Feb 20, 2017
busWe rely on school buses to take care of our children by driving them to and from school. Bus drivers have to undergo strict testing to be able to drive a bus. They are very large and very dangerous vehicles. The high position of the driver can make it difficult to see what is directly in front of the bus. That may have been what caused this recent accident.


NY Daily News reported on a story in Brooklyn about a school bus crash last Wednesday afternoon. An 11-year-old girl was hit at the intersection of St. John’s Place and Nostrand Avenue. She’s alive, but she is suffering from head trauma and a broken pelvis. Nobody else on the bus was injured.


Accidents happen, but this driver is going to receive a lot of heat, and possibly a lawsuit. Did the girl cross the road illegally, or did the driver just not see her? Was the driver distracted or under the influence? These questions and more must have answers.


Regardless of the answers, we hope that the young girl recovers from her injuries and goes on to live a full life.


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