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Widow Calls for Expert Probe in Deadly Crane Accident

Posted on Apr 26, 2016

The widow of an Upper West Side man killed in a crane accident in February is asking the Manhattan Supreme Court to allow experts to inspect the crane that killed her husband.

According to papers that were filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday, Howard Hershenhorn, an attorney representing Rebecca Wichs, the widow of David Wichs who was killed on his way to work, wants to have the access to the crane that they were promised by crane company Bay Crane Service. This access was promised by initial counsel for the company; however, since switching attorneys, they have tried to back away from that promise.

Bay Crane’s attorneys told Hershenhorn that they did not control the process and insisted that the city, state and federal investigators are controlling all access to the wreckage and determine when access is granted and to whom.

David Wichs, 38, was killed after a strong wind blew the crane arm sideways, sending it crashing into the financial analyst as he was on Worth Street on his way to work.

Hershenhorn is requesting that the court restricts the company Bay Crane, which is under investigation, to not “have unilateral access of any kind” to the crane and in order to avoid the evidence against the company from being corrupted. Hershenhorn wants the court to establish ground rules regarding access and storage of the crane wreckage and to order the city to give interested parties 45 days’ notice of any inspection.

Mrs. Wichs has not yet filed suit against Bay Crane or the city.

Crane accidents can cause serious injuries or even death. Such a tragedy is made worse when loved ones left behind are still searching for answers as to what happened. Mrs. Wichs and her attorneys are right in wanting to preserve the evidence as much as possible in order to find out who or what was at fault.

If you or someone you love has been injured or tragically lost their life in a construction or a crane accident in Long Island, then it is important that the cause is thoroughly investigated. Because construction sites have a number of contractors, subcontractors and others working on site, it’s important to get as much information as possible in order to determine the cause and who is responsible for an accident. At Goldstein & Bashner, our attorneys have experience in construction site accident cases.

We have 20 years of experience on our side to get our clients the compensation they deserve with the maximum compensation available. Medical expenses, ongoing medical treatments, pain and suffering, or the tragedy of funeral costs and wrongful death can all be a part of compensation after an accident.

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