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Three Hit While Changing Tire on I-95

Posted on Dec 15, 2016

Flat tireIt’s nice to be a good Samaritan and help someone in trouble on the roadway. But you have to be smart about it as well to preserve your own safety. If you don’t and you get injured, that could jeopardize your chances of getting any compensation.


On I-95 in the Bronx, a group of men was helping to change the tire of a minivan. It was in the early morning around 2 AM. A Toyota Sienna crashed into the group as they were working on the tire. But according to the report, they weren’t doing it in a safe manner. Instead of pushing the minivan over to the shoulder where they could work safely, they were changing the tire in the middle of the fast lane on the interstate.


One person died at the scene. Two others were taken to the hospital.


One of the important parts of personal injury law is weighing the balance between how much you put yourself in danger by your actions. If you intentionally put yourself in danger, it will be difficult to argue that your injuries are someone else’s fault. This can reduce your chances of getting a good settlement.


If there was no shoulder to push the vehicle onto, there were other options. A tow could have been called or the police could have set up a block with their vehicle and turned on the lights to force other cars to move over until the repairs were complete. Sadly, in this case, these things weren’t done.


If you have questions about whether or now you’re eligible for compensation after an accident, you should speak with a personal injury attorney like the team at Goldstein & Bashner. If you live in Long Island, the Bronx, Queens, or Brooklyn, call our offices today for a free consultation.

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