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Three Cars Hit Same Pedestrian

Posted on Jan 24, 2017
crossingThe simple way to stay safe on the road is to pay attention to what is going on around you. But the tiniest bit of road rage can lead people to do stupid things. Even potentially fatal things. Before you angrily pass a car parked incorrectly, take a moment to figure out why they might be stopped.


A school safety agent in the Bronx has been hospitalized with severe head trauma and other injuries after three separate vehicles ran him over. He was trying to cross at East Tremont and Tan Place when he was first hit.


A witness behind the first driver stopped his vehicle when he heard the first driver scream. At first he thought he might have hit the car in front of him, but there was no damage. He heard two more thumps as he stopped to interrogate the driver. The driver admitted that he hit the safety officer, but then two other vehicles ran the officer over without stopping.


The witness called 911 and redirected traffic. According to the witness, the first car that hit the driver had double-parked next to him after he struck the pedestrian, causing the other drivers to get angry and go around, hitting the fallen officer. They may not have even realized they ran over someone.


No one has been arrested in this accident as of yet.


If you see an unusual situation on the road, slow down and look around! You’re not just keeping yourself safe, but you’ll be keeping others safe as well.


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