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Residents Complain Loudly After Fatal Elevator Accident

Posted on Aug 02, 2016

Elevator ShaftCity building and safety codes are put in place for a reason. They ensure that the people who inhabit a house, apartment building, condominium, office or any other kind of structure are safe for human habitation.

Unfortunately, there are some property owners and managers that view complaints and adhering to these codes as an annoyance and will sometimes put off repairs as long as possible to avoid expense. When someone gets hurt or worse as a result of failing to follow safety codes, the result can end in tragedy.

Recently, at a packed emergency meeting held in an East Village Apartment building, concerned and furious residents of the building confronted the Grand Street Guild’s management about an incident that left a 25-year-old man crushed by an elevator as he attempted to save a fellow resident’s life.

On New Year’s Eve, Stephen Hewett-Brown, 25, was wishing fellow residents and their guests a “Happy New Year” as he exited as they got off.   Among the residents getting on was Erude Sanchez, who saw the fatal accident.


Sanchez noticed that there was something wrong with the elevator, which began to buckle and descend. Brown pushed Sanchez out of the way, but Brown was trapped by the elevator between the second and third floor.

Brown was suspended and calling for help. Several other residents attempted to save him but were ultimately unsuccessful. Brown died.


Prior to the incident, there were 30 complaints regarding the elevator at the 26 story building located at 131 Broome Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side since the elevator’s last inspection in 2011.

Some of the residents of the building say that they will not take the elevators for any reason and walk up and down the stairs in the building instead.

A representative for Wave crest Management reassured the attendees that the building’s tree elevators had been inspected and approved by the DOB.


Residents have also complained of being trapped in the elevators from time to time and consider them death traps.

The management company claims that it also had other independent firms confirm the safety of the elevators.

Residents remain unconvinced of their safety and want answers.

No one should ever have to be afraid of where they are living because it is an unsafe place.  Every year, an estimated 30 people are killed in elevator accidents while an additional 17,000 are injured.   Representing those who have been hurt in premise accidents is part of what we specialize in here at our firm.

At Goldstein and Bashner, we understand that accidents involving premises liability are different than other types of accidents.  Our firm has more than 40 years of combined legal experience and we have the knowledge and due diligence necessary to help in your face.

While building owners and even officials can appear to put up roadblocks to prevent you from getting information to help your case, we know how to get the answers to help your case and help you achieve what’s fair in terms of compensation and holding those responsible accountable.

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