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Quick-thinking Officer Saves Mother and Child on LIE

Posted on Jan 03, 2017


slow driverA quick-thinking officer saved a mother and her child from a serious accident on the Long Island Expressway, and the mother made a shocking admission to the police.


It started mid-afternoon in Manorville when an officer noticed a vehicle traveling 20 MPH on the expressway, far below the legal speed limit. The officer tried to pull the car over but she refused to stop.


The officer pulled up alongside the slow car and rolled down the window to shout at the driver to pull over. The mother in the car replied that she couldn’t. The officer then noticed that there was a young child in the back seat and took decisive action.


The driver had slowed down further to speak with the officer. The officer pulled ahead and stopped, then ran up to the slow car, reached inside, and threw the shifter into park. That stopped the vehicle. The two were saved and no one was hurt. The driver was grateful.


No alcohol was found in her system, but she admitted to officers that she had taken PCP with her ex that day. PCP is an extremely dangerous drug that often causes rage. The driver was charged with many things, including violating Leandra’s Law for having the child in the back seat.


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