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Pedestrian Killed Walking Against Light

Posted on Jul 13, 2016
CrosswalkJust because someone gets injured or even killed doesn’t mean that someone is due compensation. The courts might deny compensation if the person who was hurt was doing something that was illegal or dangerous in the first place. One easy place to see this is in pedestrian accident cases.

If a pedestrian is crossing the street at a marked crosswalk and has the right signal, odds are that they will have the advantage in court if they get hit. But what about a jaywalker? In the Bronx, a 23-year-old was struck by an SUV after he ignored the crossing signals. The accident happened at 12:30 AM at the intersection of Bruckner Boulevard and East 149th Street. Unfortunately, the pedestrian was killed in that accident.


The SUV driver, in this case, did the right thing. They stayed at the accident and gave a report. The police have stated that a crime charge is unlikely. While tragic, if a pedestrian breaks the rules and gets hurt as a result then compensation will be harder to obtain.


Traffic laws apply to everyone. They provide the basic structures for road safety. When they are broken then injuries and deaths can result. When they are broken intentionally, it’s even worse. On the busy streets of Long Island, never try crossing against the light or try jay-walking, no matter how late it may be. It’s not worth the risk to life and limb.


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