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Officer Injured as Driver Tries to Avoid Tunnel Crossing

Posted on Sep 27, 2016

Holland TunnelWhen someone drives the wrong way on a highway or other roadway, other people can be left hurt after an accident.

That is what happened when a woman from Tennessee left a Port Authority police officer injured on Sunday night. The woman had decided that she didn’t want to go to New Jersey by going through the Lincoln Tunnel and instead went against traffic.


Authorities have identified the driver as Amber Johnson, 30, of Clarksville, Tennessee. Johnson had been driving in Manhattan traffic westbound toward the Lincoln Tunnel. She told Port Authority officers that she didn’t want to continue to New Jersey.


The officers told Johnson that she had to continue through the tunnel, but she ignored them and turned into oncoming traffic in an effort to head back toward Manhattan.

Johnson hit one Port Authority police officer and continued driving the wrong way. She managed to drive across an underpass at 39th and 40th Streets and ran a red light before being stopped by police near Times Square.

Johnson was placed under arrest and is currently facing charges assault, unlawful fleeing and other traffic-related charges.

The injured port authority was treated at an area hospital for a wrist injury.

The reasons why someone will drive the wrong way can vary. Sometimes drivers can get confused if they are elderly or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Just last year about this time, another driver, a fashion designer, decided that she also didn’t want to go to New Jersey. She turned her car around and went onto the sidewalk, and then drove against the flow of traffic. The young woman was finally arrested for driving on the charge of DUI, but not before almost causing a five-car pileup.

Head-on car crashes are just one kind of traffic accident, but often they are the most devastating and deadly. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the number of fatalities as a result of head-on collisions was more than 3,500 in 2012. The federal agency reports that in 2015, that number rose 7.7 percent.  The number of injuries resulting from similar also rose.

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