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Islip Terrace Man Loses Arm in Firework Blast

Posted on Jul 14, 2010
Former Linderhurst High School football star, Mr. Smith, now of Islip Terrace lost his arm in a firework accident. Mr. Smith, age 36, was setting off illegal fireworks in front of his home. This is a tradition he does every year at his annual Fourth of July party with friends and family. The problem occurred when he lit the fuse of a skyrocket in a three foot mental launching tube, but for some reason was unable to get away from it fast enough. Mr. Smith landed across the street after the huge boom with his arm lying next to him. Friends and family called for an ambulance, applied pressure to his wound and packed his arm in ice as they waited for help to arrive. When Mr. Smith arrived at the hospital, doctors found that his arm could not be reattached because of the damaged caused to it by the blast. Friends and family say that Mr. Smith will be alright.

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