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Hit and Run Driver Arrested in Queens Tunnel Accident

Posted on Nov 03, 2016

CrosswalkPedestrian accidents have many complicated factors to determine who is at fault. However, a sure way to throw things against the driver is for them to flee the scene of the accident. A hit and run accident greatly increases your potential liability even if the accident wasn’t technically your fault.


While we don’t know the full circumstances, a recent story in the news demonstrates an example of this kind of accident. According to the police, a van struck an older pedestrian near the Queens midtown tunnel Sunday morning. The driver of the van fled the scene but was arrested on Wednesday. To escape the scene, the driver drove the wrong way on East 37th street and then turned onto 1st Avenue. Security footage at the intersection caught the incident and lead to the arrest.


If you are injured by someone else in a vehicle and they flee a scene, you do have options. New York is a no-fault insurance state. Thus, if you get injured in an auto accident you will make a claim against your own insurance company and we can help you with that claim. However, if the injury is significant enough you may be able to go after the other driver directly. We can help you determine what your legal options are with just one simple phone call.


If you have been hurt in an automobile accident, know your rights. Call Goldstein & Bashner today for a free consultation. Our lawyers are ready to help you understand the law and outline your options. Read our guides on personal injury claims in the upper right corner for more information.

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