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Freeport, 18 Year Old Faces 59 Years in Prison

Posted on Jun 22, 2010
Kayla Gerdes, an 18 year old from Freeport faces up to 59 years in prison. She had been convicted of the death of a 69 year old woman named Rebecca Twine-Wright who was a doctor. Kayla Gerdes is charged with manslaughter, for attacking the women and running into her property. At the time of her arrest, Gerdes had prescription medication in her system. The defense argues that there is no proof of the drugs in her system because a toxicology report was taken four hours after the arrest. Gerdes is also charged with grand larceny for stealing her mother's jewelry to pay for her drug habit. Currently, Kayla Gerdes is being held on bond, she is in and out of the prison's medical ward. 

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