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Cyclist Breaks Pelvis in Times Square Accident

Posted on Dec 27, 2016

IntersectionWe have another story today about a cyclist who chose not to follow the rules of the road and paid for it. Cyclists often get a bad rap for not following the rules of the road and taking risks due to their smaller size and agility. Stories of rude cyclists abound. The same goes for drivers, of course, but whoever breaks the rules puts themselves and others at risk.

There was a cyclist going through Times Square. Unfortunately, he was going against traffic. The rules state that cyclists must go with traffic since they are vehicles. The cyclist slammed into a tour bus at Seventh Ave and W. 45th Street. The impact was so hard that the cyclist broke his pelvis. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.


One of the things that any personal injury lawyer will examine is how much your actions contributed to the accident. Put plainly, if you break the rules of the road or take unnecessary risks, your chances of receiving a large settlement are small. And in some cases, reckless behavior can make it so you don’t get anything.


If you’re out on the roads, please be safe and follow the rules. No one wants to get injured in an accident, but if you follow the rules you can receive help. If you’ve been injured and you live on Long Island or in NYC, contact Goldstein & Bashner today for a free consultation.

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