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Bus Crash in Texas Sends 7 to Hospital, Kills 1

Posted on Dec 08, 2016


BusSchool bus drivers and commercial truck drivers have to undergo extensive training and testing to remain on the road. The vehicles they drive are very dangerous. Yet even with training, accidents happen. A tragic story that’s receiving national attention unfolded in Texas a few days ago.


Authorities report that a bus carrying high school cheerleaders struck a semi in Howard County, Texas. One person was killed in the accident and seven others were injured. The woman who died was a sponsor of the cheerleading squad. They were returning home from a victorious football game.


Four of the injured have been released. Three others are still in the hospital, two in critical condition. The small transport bus collided into the rear end of the trailer head-on, crushing the front.


We hope that the insurance company covering the school district will pay for the injuries received by the children and death benefits to the family of the sponsor. School districts rely on hefty insurance policies to cover liability. Nevertheless, a family may need more than what the insurance company will give, especially if it is shown that the bus driver was negligent in their duties.


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