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Alleged Drunk Woman Crashes into Police Cruiser

Posted on Feb 14, 2017

cruiserDrunk drivers are the cause of many accidents involving injury or death. Any car on the road runs the risk of encountering a drunk driver, even the police as today’s story shows.

A story from the Long Island Press reveals that a woman ran into the back of a police cruiser in Hicksville. The incident occurred at the corner of James Street and Newbridge Road in the early morning.


The cruiser had both lights and sirens on, but that wasn’t enough to make the woman stop in time. The officer in the cruiser received neck injuries in the incident and was taken for treatment. The woman failed sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI.


This issue was relatively minor as far as DUI crashes go. Police cruisers are well-armored. But it could have been much worse. When people drive drunk, they lose motor control and the ability to think clearly. Combine that with a vehicle and you have a recipe for disaster. DUI has a high punishment for a reason. It kills.


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