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Accident Victims Looting The City of New York

Posted on Dec 30, 2009
The New York Post reports that The City of New York has paid a record $563 million in lawsuits. This appears to be substantially higher than the $528 million paid out last year. The Post reports on the largest payout to ferry crash victim James McMillian who recieved $18 million for his quadriplegic injuries. Overall $45 million went to ferry crash victims. Most of the 7,000 cases were setlled out of court. In fact only a few dozen went to a  verdict as the City does not take its chances with the jury pool. Of course The Post also reports on the $150,000 settlement of a police brutality case involving an alleged drug dealer. The City has changed its tactics from many years ago in which they never settled cases to now in which they attempt to make fair offers instead of going to trial. Fay Leoussus, head of the Law Department, says "Instead of risking a very large verdict, a descision is sometimes made to settle".

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