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What You Need to Know before Visiting a Personal Injury Lawyer

Do you need a personal injury lawyer? You may be nervous about your visit. This initial visit is usually a free consultation—in fact you are under no obligation and will pay no out of pocket expenses. You will only pay a percentage fee if you win a settlement or verdict.

Here are some suggestions to follow to help your case:

  1. When you speak to your attorney, either by phone or in the office, be sure to listen and answer their questions. Tell them exactly what happened—do not try to figure out the “best answer” for your case.
  2. Do not discuss your case with anyone except the lawyers without talking to them first. This includes your insurance company and any related representative, agent, attorney or investigator that may contact you.
  3. Get medical attention as needed. Return to your doctors as often as necessary and tell them about all of your complaints.  Do not minimize your ailments or problems to your doctors. All medical, hospital, or doctor bills and reports should be given to the attorneys.
  4. Gather any evidence you have for your case. This includes photographs that show your injuries and, if possible, the accident scene. If you are in a car accident, pictures of any damage to your car and any other vehicles involved in the accident.
  5. Provide any witnesses you know about, including names, addresses and telephone numbers.
  6. Keep an accurate and detailed record of all hospital, doctor, drug and other medical bills and loss of earnings and other losses resulting from your injury.

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