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What To Do If Your Child Suffered Injuries or Died From a Drug Overdose

If your child was injured or died from a drug overdose, learn what options you have to hold other parties responsible.Unfortunately, it seems drug overdoses are on the rise, especially illegal drugs such as “Molly". Often, these illegal party drugs leave students fighting for their life with serious injuries or even death. While it’s never a good idea to take these illegal drugs, sometimes there is liability on part of the school, concert venue or other third party that had a responsibility to keep your child safe.

It's Possible for Colleges, Universities & Club Venues to Be Liable for Drug Overdose Injuries

If there is a condition that university or college knew about or should have known about, you may have a case against them. Same goes for clubs, rave and concert venues. If they knew there was an ongoing problem of illegal drugs being sold and used at their premise and did not rectify the problem you may have a case. In some cases, there may be other or additional parties at fault. For example, if a drug was slipped into your drink at a club or rave party and the third party security firm failed to catch it, you might have a case against the security company hired to watch over the patrons of venue and protect them from these dangerous drugs.

If your child died from drug overdose at school, you may want to file a wrongful death suit. Each case is different and it will depend on the unique circumstances of how the drug overdose took place. It’s important you consult with an experienced drug overdose wrongful death lawyer. Our compassionate team of lawyers at Goldstein and Bashner are here to help you. We will go over the details of your potential case, and answer any questions you may have. If we feel there was negligence on the part of a school, university, club, fraternity, sorority, club venue or concert venue, we will fight tirelessly to win compensation for your child’s injuries. In the case of a wrongful death we know nothing will bring back your child, but financial compensation may help with medical bills and funeral expenses as well as provide some sort of closure.

Please call us at 516-222-4000 if your child suffered injuries from a drug overdose or passed away from it. We know this can be a difficult time, but the sooner you call the sooner you may have help.

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