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NY Cracks Down On Distracted Driving- Kill Switches Proposed to Cell Phone Makers

Since our firms often deals with car accidents that stem from distracted driving, I wanted to point out a few tidbits I came across while researching. Right here on Long Island, the Nassau County district attorney has called on the makers of cell phones to provide “kill switches” that prevent texting and driving. DA Kathleen Rice says she’ll recommend to the sentencing court the use of these devices in any case involving a texting violation.

a person texting while driving at the same timeAccording to Rice, “There will be a specific plea program for young drivers that employ these devices pre-sentence to allow the young driver to earn a reduction in the charge and sentence”. Rice also called on insurance companies to provide discounts for those who employ the anti-texting technologies. I have to admit, it’s not a bad idea.

“We have seen too many accidents that come as a result of texting while driving. People are left seriously injured and some have lost their lives. Anything that can be done to decrease the number of accidents is a step in the right direction” –Neal Goldstein, Senior Partner Goldstein and Bashner

Citations for Texting While Driving Rose in 2014

According to the Governor’s Office, just a little over 9,000 texting-while-driving citations were issued across the state in 2011. In 2014, that number rose to around 75,000 summonses.T he boom in citations can be credited in large part to law enforcement cracking down on distracted driving.

Did you know Gov. Cuomo increased the DMV points against a driver convicted of text messaging or using handheld cell phones from 3 to 5 points? Don’t risk it. Put the phone away when driving!

Were you injured in an accident due to texting while driving?

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