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New York and Long Island Rail Yard Accidents and Injuries

Many of the accidents that involve railroad workers occur in the rail yard. This is no surprise considering the many dangers due to heavy machinery, mechanical switches and levers, moving engines and railcars, tons of cargo and toxic materials, flammables and explosives.

Rail Yard and Railroad Companies Must Protect It's Workers or They May Be SuedWhen the rail yard employers and other responsible parties fail to meet safety regulations and make these sites safe, workers can suffer serious injuries. In fact, these sites are so dangerous that, unlike other work fields, the employers may be held responsible for injuries to their workers through the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA).

Rail Yard Employers Have a Duty To Protect Employees from Safety Hazards

Rail yard employers have an obligation to:

  • Properly train all workers
  • Provide proper supervision
  • Maintain all machinery and repair any known defects or hazards
  • Ensure all warning lights, signals and any other safety devices are in proper working order
  • Provide realistic work quotas in terms of time and production
  • Remove debris and maintain the site
  • Meet all standards for safe working conditions

Under FELA, railroad workers injured in work-related accidents are able to sue employers when the negligence was caused by in part or whole by their employer or its agent, contractor or equipment. This allows workers to sue for pain and suffering, rehabilitation, lost wages, medical expenses, therapy and punitive damages.

Were you or a loved one injured on the on the job at at rail yard?

Our FELA lawyers can help provide more information and a free consultation to help answer all your questions and let you know your legal options. We have more than 25 years of experience representing injured railroad workers and have, as a result of our success, gained the support of Local 589, a division of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union. We have helped workers throughout Long Island and New York City get the compensation they needed to help ensure the best recovery without worrying about financial devastation.

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