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National Insurance Company Caught with Its Pants Down by Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer

New Yorkers pay plenty of money to get car insurance so that they are covered if they are in an accident. A portion of their car insurance--no-fault coverage--is meant to pay all medical bills for the injuries caused by the accident. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying these bills, sometimes engaging in unfair, dishonest and sneaky behavior. Recently, we caught a very well known insurance company (with a popular ad campaign) doing just that.

Our client had a pretty bad car accident. What started out as a neck and back sprain ended up as a complicated and expensive operation. Not surprisingly, the insurance company didn't want to pay for this operation. So how did they try to dodge paying bills they should have paid?

They hired a doctor to review the records to see if the injuries and subsequent surgery were causally related to the accident. That doctor concluded that the surgery was related and that the bills should be paid. Did the insurance company pay the bill? No! Instead they hired a second doctor--one we have seen over the years who routinely denies payment of bills and treatment. Of course the second doctor concluded that no causal relationship between the accident and surgery had been established. So how did we find out about this type of trickery?

When we received the insurance company's denial of the surgery bill, we asked them for the doctor's report upon which they based their denial. The no-fault adjuster then made the mistake of faxing us the "wrong" report--the one from the first doctor who had concluded that surgery was necessary and related to the accident. We couldn't believe our eyes when we read it! The report clearly indicated our client should be paid for her medical costs. When we pointed this out to the adjuster, he was speechless. He realized he had faxed us the wrong report, screwing up the "switcheroo" he intended to pull on our client. Realizing this would cost the insurance company thousands of dollars, he remained stubborn and refused to change his position. Only after we pointed out the "screw up" to his supervisor did we have him admit that all bills should be paid.
Basically, the insurance company was caught with their pants down. What they did was sleazy and dishonest--they shopped around for a doctor who would say the injuries were not caused by the accident. They did find the doctor to say that, and perhaps if they had not mistakenly sent us the wrong report we would never know that this was not, in fact, the opinion of the original doctor they contacted. 

Who knows how many times this occurs, and how many other victims to this type of shenanigans are out there. It's important for consumers to always see all the reports behind any insurance claim that is the basis for insurance company denials and make sure they are not being swindled out of compensation they deserve. Do you feel you've been taken by your insurance company? At Goldstein and Bashner, we are not afraid of the big, bad insurance companies and we will fight for your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation and get the ball rolling in your favor.

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