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Meadowbrook Parkway Sees Too Many Car Accidents

A recent deadly crash on the Meadowbrook Parkway is a reminder of how dangerous this road can be with its many curves and bends, merges, and short exit/entrance ramps. There are so many dangerous spots where accidents occur because drivers are speeding, distracted, confused by signs or disobeying traffic laws.


The Meadowbrook begins just north of the Northern State Parkway, which forms a left lane that some cars instantly and dangerously pull out of to get across to the Old Country Road exits. The highway temporarily becomes two lanes by the Southern State, a merge that can be dangerous if drivers don’t see the small sign. The entrance and exit ramps commonly see rear-end collisions, and some serve as both and cause accidents as cars simultaneously exit and enter in the same spot. In fact, the exit ramps onto Hempstead Turnpike are right by our office and we have seen many accidents there.


No matter how careful you are, sometimes it is impossible to avoid an accident with another driver who is either careless, distracted, driving too aggressively or disobeying traffic laws.


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