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Caution: Slippery Black Ice Can Cause Accidents

When snow melts and refreezes, it creates a dangerous driving hazard known as black ice, because it is often hard to see, and blends in with the pavement.  However, just because black ice is hard to see does not mean that homeowner’s are not responsible for preventing, removing or warning of it, since its formation is foreseeable based upon the weather forecast

A slip and fall on black ice can be very dangerous for pedestrians since it is easy to lose one’s balance and fall.  Black ice can be very dangerous to motor vehicles since braking on ice may cause a vehicle to lose control resulting in a motor vehicle accident.

If you are a property owner you need to make sure that all of the snow is removed from your walkways, driveways and sidewalks.  Make sure that snow piled along the side of walkways, driveways and sidewalks are not piled in such a way that it can remelt on to those surfaces where it can re-freeze and form black ice.  If you pile snow in such a way you are creating a more dangerous condition than if you did nothing at all.

If you are a motorist, drive slow, and leave yourself plenty of time to come to a stop when braking.  Remember, you should be expecting slippery conditions.

Were you Injured Due to Black Ice?

Whether someone else was driving too fast in poor weather conditions or a property owner failed to make their property safe, if you were injured you may have a case.

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