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Long Island’s Crowded Malls Are A Magnet for Slip and Fall Injuries

Green Acres Mall, Valley Stream Crowded Malls- Common site for Slip and Fall InjuriesDid you know crowded malls are one of the most common places for slip and fall injuries on Long Island to occur? If you’ve ever tripped at Roosevelt Field or slipped at Walt Whitman Mall, you know that the crowds at these popular malls make them prime spots for slip and fall accidents. With such heavy foot traffic, it is important for these shopping spots to take special precautions to keep shoppers safe.

Malls, stores and shopping centers have an obligation to keep both their exterior and interior property safe, including:

  • Keeping floor surfaces well-maintained
  • Ensuring public areas, especially stairwells and parking lots, are well lit
  • Making certain automatic doors, elevators and escalators get routine maintenance and are in proper working condition
  • Keeping aisles and walkways clear and clean of debris and clutter
  • Making sure store displays are safe
  • Ensuring any construction is done in a way that is safe for shoppers
  • Maintaining parking lot area and taking care of any potholes, loose debris and other dangers to pedestrians

Know Your Rights if You Are Injured at a Long Island Mall

If you are injured at a Long Island Mall, whether it’s Roosevelt Field, Smith Haven, Sunrise Westfield or Broadway Mall, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries. A good lawyer will help you understand your legal rights and work to get you the maximum compensation you deserve to cover medical expenses, lost income, related expenses and pain and suffering.

How We Can Help

Our Long Island slip and fall lawyers can help you understand your rights and ensure you get the best outcome. Call us for a free consultation and we will answer all your questions and discuss the best course of action for you to take—no obligation, no fee. In fact there is never a fee until you collect a verdict or settlement.

Once we take your case, we are experienced in getting every bit of evidence we need to tell your story. This includes finding and talking to witnesses, examining surveillance cameras, making sure your injuries and all expenses are properly documented and investigating exactly what caused your injury and how it should have been prevented by the property owner.

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