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Long Island Meter Reader Accident Lawyer

Have you walked into a house to read the electric meter only to slip and fall on a torn carpet? Or meter readerinjured yourself on a broken step in a customer’s house? Whether you work for National Grid , LIPA or ConEd reading meters or have any other job that brings you into people’s homes—as a delivery person, a worker for Verizon or Cablevision, or with an exterminating company—if you are injured in a customer’s home due to their negligence, you may be able to sue for your injuries, even if you collect workers’ compensation.

If you receive New York workers’ compensation, you can’t sue your employer, but you can sue a customer, client or other party that may also be in part responsible for your injuries. Were your injuries caused by:

  • Broken steps or tiles?
  • Poorly maintained landscaping?
  • Torn carpets or rugs?
  • Inadequate lighting?
  • Illegal wiring?

If you sustained an injury due to any of these factors, you may have a case. Contacting an experienced lawyer will help you get the facts and determine how best to proceed.

How We Can Help

Each accident has its unique circumstances, so the best idea is to contact a personal injury lawyer to find out how to best proceed in your specific case.

Our experienced lawyers can answer all your questions and discuss your case—no obligation, no fee. We will sit down with you for a free consultation to fully explain your rights, what to expect from the legal process and to make sure we answer all your questions. You will never pay a fee with us until you collect a verdict or settlement.

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