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6 Important Ways to Protect Your Teens on Prom Night and Keep Them Safe

Prom night is a special night for high school teens but can also be a night marked by tragedy as kids are out until the early hours of dawn, going to different clubs and venues after the actual prom and too often celebrating with drugs and alcohol. Drunk driving and speeding accidents have already taken the lives of several prom goers this year, but with proper planning and open communication, you can help to protect your teen and keep them as safe as possible on prom night.

Here are 6 steps to take to help ensure your teen is as safe as possible on prom night:

  1. Know and discuss the school’s prom rules and code of conduct with your child.
  2. Have a set plan for the evening so you know exactly who your child is with and where they are going to be throughout the night. Make sure they call you if there are any change in plans.
  3. Get the addresses and phone numbers for the prom location, as well as any after-parties your teen will be attending. Find out who will be supervising any after-parties and make sure no alcoholic beverages will be served.
  4. Make sure you know and trust who is driving. Strongly consider renting a limo or a bus for a group of teens. Find out the limo or bus company’s driving record and make sure the company will not allow the passengers to bring or serve alcohol in the vehicle at any time.
  5. Talk to your teen about the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol use. Studies show that it is important to talk about it often, to ensure your teen understands that underage drinking, and drug use is never acceptable.
  6. Reinforce with your teen that they should never ride with someone who has been drinking, is fatigued or impaired in any other way. Let them know you plan to stay up until they return home safely, and that they can call you at any time if they need a ride.

Following these steps and keeping an open conversation with your child will help to keep them as safe as possible on prom night and ensure it is a wonderful night filled with happy memories.
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