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The Dangers of Driving on the Jackie Robinson Parkway

The Jackie Robinson Parkway is known for its small lanes, improper drainage of rain, and tight curves. With so many dangerous spots, it is not surprise to see car accidents occurring. Drivers are usually distracted, speeding, or confused by signs posted.How to get help if you were in an accident on the Jackie Robinson Parkway

This parkway used to be called the Inter-borough Parkway, which many take to commute between Brooklyn and Queens. In some areas, the lanes are so tight that drivers can't ride side by side and often make short stops, which may cause accidents. A juncture at the eastern end of the parkway was placed on the list of New York State's most dangerous roads in 2007, based on accident data from 2004 to 2006.

What you need to do if you were in an accident on Jackie Robinson:

  1. Take pictures.  Always take pictures of the accident location, damages, and any injuries sustained.
  2. Call the police. Even if the accident may not seem bad, once you leave the scene without a police report, it may turn into a “He said, she said” argument.
  3. Take down any information you can get from all parties involved. This may be useful in the event of a case.
  4. Get medical attention as soon as possible. Many victims forget that going to a doctor or medical facility is very important. Even though you may feel fine, chances are you may feel worse a few days later.

How Can We Help You

Our Long Island car accident lawyers are experts on dealing with cases like this. The attorneys are compassionate listeners who are willing to help you sort through this difficult time. Contact our office now for a free consultation on your potential case. Our attorneys are dedicated to make sure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

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