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Injured on a Vacation? Here Are Four Things You Need to Know

Getting injured on vacation not only ruins the trip, but often results in huge medical bills—especially when they need to be out-of-network because you are not near any doctors on your plan. Many times, this can lead to confusion about about what your rights are.

What You Need to Know If You Are Injured on Vacation

  1. What should I do? First, make sure to get medical attention as soon as possible and document your injuries with medical reports and photographs. Collect as much evidence as possible--pictures of the location and anything that shows how you were injured. Get contact information from any witnesses and make sure to file an accident report with the hotel as well as the police, if necessary.
  2. Do I have a case? While each case is different, there are general rules that apply to the most common types of accidents. For a slip and fall case, the hotel would be liable if they either knew or should have known about the danger that caused your fall, or if they are responsible for causing the danger.
  3. Where do I sue—in my home state or where I was vacationing? Often, legal claims can be brought in New York even if the accident occurred in another state. That is because many chain hotels (as well as restaurants, stores, etc.) either have offices or do business in New York. If your accident took place in a local hotel, then you will need to file the lawsuit and get representation from a lawyer in that state. It is best to first contact a local attorney to find out for your specific case.
  4. Should I talk to the hotel’s insurance agent?  Be cautious with insurance companies, and be careful what you say and sign. Remember, it's the insurance company's job to offer you less compensation than you deserve – they'll look out for the person or business they provide insurance to, not you.

Our Long Island Vacation Accident Lawyers Can Help You

If you have any questions about an accident that happened on a vacation, contact our Long Island personal injury lawyers. We’ll make sure you get answers to all your questions, as well as important information about your legal options. Our consultations are always free and there is never an obligation—just a chance to get more information.

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