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Hurricane Sandy Repercussions—Trip and Fall Injuries on tree stumps, broken sidewalks, branches and debris

Hurricane Sandy has left Long Island and New York City’s boroughs with significant damage that can cause injuries—including uplifted sidewalks, tree stumps, debris and damaged walkways. While the hurricane was an unavoidable act of nature, as more time passes, it is possible to collect monetary awards for injuries that result from damage that has still not been repaired or cleaned in a way to avoid accidents.


Homeowners and shopkeepers need to take certain steps within reasonable time to make sure their property is safe.


For example:

  • If the broken sidewalk could not yet be fixed, was it blocked off with tape or cones so that a reasonable person would avoid it?
  • Were branches and debris tied up and placed off to the side of property where no one would inadvertently slip on it?
  • Has more than a week passed and a fallen tree was still not removed?
  • Were loose roof tiles left scattered on the sidewalk and ignored by the homeowner?


At some point in time, reasonable measures need to be taken to keep property safe. If you think you were injured because a property owner failed to do this, please contact us to discuss your case. We can go over the specifics of your incident and let you know what to expect from the legal process. There is no fee or obligation.


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Hurricane Sandy sidewalk damage

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