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Look no further than Avvo to learn more about the lawyer that you may want to hire for your New York accident case.

In New York and other places when a person gets into an accident they may be on the search for a lawyer. Until a few years ago the only way to find out about a lawyer was through a referral from a friend or relative. However, with the explosion of the internet attorneys not only started putting up websites but the cases they have handled are increasingly becoming discussed on the internet. Indeed lawyers no different than any other provider of services (like a plumber or a car salesman) will be evaluated by the consuming public and put on the web in various forums. Additionally, by the very nature of a lawyer's work most of it is now available online through the various court sites. So in an effort to put together a place where consumers can go and get a pretty good picture of attorneys a number of services have popped up. Of course, this would be in addition to the regular reviews of service providers from Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. 

Avvo was created, according to their website, with the mission "to help people navigate the complex and confusing legal industry". It seems to have grown like wildfire in the last few years. Since the list of attorneys in each state is public information they have now collected a "list" of lawyers for the entire United States. Each lawyer has a page that the lawyer can decide to claim or just let sit there. Avvo starts each lawyer with a "score" that goes anywhere from a 5 to a 10. A lawyer will not be able to get the higher score unless they claim their profile. Avvo has basic information on every lawyer. If they have been suspended or disbarred a red flag is placed by their name. Other basic information has to do with, year of graduation from law school and even positions held with Bar associations. If a lawyer claims his or her profile (which costs nothing) then they can increase their scores. They can add pictures,videos,information about their cases,publications and education. Lawyers can even sign up and answer questions that consumers have about a whole range of topics. Of course there is a section where clients can review their lawyer's work and even a section where other lawyers can rate each other.

In no way does this firm have any interest in Avvo other than our own listing. Indeed the formula which they rate lawyers is kept a secret and at times seems irrational. However, for the public at large who up till now had no way of evaluating a lawyer, Avvo makes sense. It adds a tool for the consumer to use when deciding on a lawyer. 

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