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Being Sued for a Long Island Car Accident? How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Monitor Your Case and Protect Your Rights

Being Sued for a Long Island Car Accident? How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Monitor Your Case and Protect Your Rights


As personal injury lawyers, we usually represent people injured in accidents. But at times we also help defendants in car accidents by overseeing their case. The payoff can be huge—we have helped defendants save huge amounts of out-of-pocket costs.


How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help a Car Accident Defendant

When someone gets sued and has insurance, their insurance company usually assigns them an attorney free of charge to represent them. It is up to that defendant to decide if they want to their own personal injury attorney to watch over the lawsuit as well as the insurance company and the assigned lawyer. This can mean the difference between having to pay huge amounts out of pocket versus


Consider the following example of how we helped a defendant:

Our client, the defendant in a car accident, was being sued by a pedestrian who claimed he was stuck by the defendant’s vehicle. The defendant denied he had made contact with the pedestrian. Our client was insured by a major national insurance company with $100,000 coverage for bodily injuries. He was assigned an attorney free of charge through his insurance company and the case proceeded through court. The defendant claimed extensive injuries, significant disability and lost time from work. When our office was retained, the case was about to be scheduled for trial. If the pedestrian was believed over our client, a verdict at trial could well exceed his insurance coverage.


Here’s what we were able to do:

  • After discussions and several correspondences with the insurance company, we were able to get them to hire an “outside” defense law firm with a better reputation for winning trials. This firm afforded much better protection and trial preparation for our client.
  • We also got the insurance company to agree to submit the case to binding “high/low” arbitration. This meant that if the pedestrian won the case, it would have a “cap” or high” of $100,000. Thus, there was no way for the defendant to be personally liable above his insurance policy.


As a result of our help, our client was completely covered by his insurance for the arbitration and settlement


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If you are being sued for a car accident, contact our experienced lawyers to find out how we can help with your specific case. Remember, insurance companies and their lawyers don’t have your best interests, only a lawyer you hire will be working solely for your interests.

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