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Falling Object Injuries at Construction Sites

Falling objects from construction site can cause serious injuries, find out how to file a lawsuit and get compensationFalling objects are always a danger at construction sites, where workers may be at various levels, sometimes on ladders, high up in a vehicle, on scaffolding or balancing on beams. There is always a danger that an object at any of these levels will unexpectedly fall and injure a worker or pedestrian below.

Some factors that can lead to falling object accidents at worksites include:

  • Tools left unsecured—tools should not be left unattended without being secured down if there is a danger they can fall.
  • Poorly maintained equipment—it is important to have equipment checked and properly maintained. When hooks, cords and other devices used to secure objects on machines are worn out or broken, it can lead to serious accidents.
  • Lack of safety equipment—workers should be wearing hard hats and have devices to secure all tools that are being used at heights where they can fall.
  • Worksite messy and not well-kept—debris should be cleared away and all tools and objects not being used should be returned to its proper storage area.
  • Lack of proper signage and warnings—when the potential for falling objects exists, there needs to be adequate warning for both wrkers and other people who may enter the jobsite.
  • Loads being lifted are not properly secured—if a load is to be lifted to a higher level, the contents must be properly secured.
  • Safety controls not in place—Safety measures may include nets, fences, safety bars and other devices to prevent or capture falling objects.

Construction Sites are Reguired to Keep Site Areas Reasonable Safe

Whether you are a construction worker on the site or a pedestrian that was just passing by, if you are hit and injured by a falling object, you have rights and may have a case. It is important for construction sites to follow all safety regulations and keep the area reasonably safe for workers and bystanders.

When there is an accident, there may be one or several parties responsible depending on the circumstances. This may include the land owner, the general contractor, a subcontractor, or an independent contractor. That is why it is important to contact a lawyer to discuss the circumstances surrounding your specific incident.

How We Can Help

Our construction site accident lawyers have experience fighting and winning these types of cases. We can help ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. This may include current and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and all other expenses related to your injury.

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