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Did you slip and fall at a Huntington restaurant, maybe one of the many new establishments at the Walt Whitman Mall?

Whether it’s at Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, P.F. Chang's, Brio, Applebee's, Zin Burger or one of the many other popular restaurants at Huntington's Walt Whitman Mall, if you slip and fall you may have a case.

Slip and Falls at Huntington, NY RestaurantsWalt Whitman Mall now has more restaurants than ever before. Patrons clammer to old favorites and new dining establishments to enjoy a great meal, but sometimes things can take an ugly turn. Slip and falls can and do happen at these restaurants and anywhere in Huntington or Long Island. Of course if you just get careless and slip, the restaurant is not to blame. But there are several situations where you could hold the restaurant liable for your injuries.

Situations Where You May Hold a Restaurant Liable for Your Injuries

  • Did the business itself create the hazard? Examples of this would be if a waiter spills a hot drink on you or crashes into you because he is holding too many dishes.
  • Does a dangerous condition exist that the restaurant knows about but hasn't’t fixed? This could be a broken chair or frayed carpet that has been left unrepaired for months. Did someone already get hurt on a loose tile, but the restaurant still hasn't’t fixed it? Any dangerous situation where the restaurant has been put on notice could be the basis of a successful lawsuit.
  • Is the building or surrounding grounds improperly maintained?
  • Is there proper lighting in the restaurant and parking area?
  • Does the restaurant crowd tables together and create an overcrowded environment? In addition to causing slip and falls, this may be a fire hazard.

In order to sue a business, an injured person must show that the business was directly responsible for the dangerous condition or the owner of the property knew or should have known about the dangerous condition causing the injury and were negligent in taking care of it in a timely manner. The injured party must prove that the property owner failed to repair, remedy, or give the injured party proper warning of the dangerous condition.

A slip-and-fall can be an extremely stressful experience‚ and every outcome is different depending on the circumstance and personal damage. Determining who is at fault‚ dealing with the pain from your injuries‚ and protecting your legal rights is not something you need to go through alone. Our Huntington slip-and-fall attorneys will be there by your side throughout the entire process. Each case is unique, though, so for specific advice and information about your case, contact us at 516-222-4000 for a free consultation. There is no obligation and never a fee until you win your case or get a settlement.

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