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I am an undocumented immigrant, will I be deported if I sue my employer for a work injury?

It's highly unlikely. The civil court trying the accident case is concerned with the facts of the case, the extent of the injury and determining fault. In practicality many cases are settled well before the trial date and the parties never even enter a courtroom. The courts, in general, are not concerned with a person's citizenship status unless it is a criminal case, or part of the matter at hand. Undocuemented workers should not fear deportation if they have a legitimate reason to sue for serious injuries that occured while working for their employer, but if you are uncertain please call our office today at 516-222-4000 and we can explain your options in further detail. You may have questions as an undocumented worker and we are here to answer them. También hablamos español y podemos ayudarte.


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