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Who should I sue if I get into a pileup accident on the LIE?

Pileup accidents can be tricky because there are many parties involved. You may be able to sue the driver who caused the accident, but there might also be other parties that are also liable. Was your car hit from behind as well? Did that person have sufficient notice to stop in time? Also, take notice if there was any construction or roadwork going on at the location. If so, you may have a case against the construction company or the state. Was there a flaw in the highway design? These are just some of the questions that determine who to sue. If you were involved in a pileup accident, an experienced attorney can discuss your specific case and go over the exact circumstances to determine who is at fault.

Were you in a pileup accident? For specific answers to your case, give us a call at 516-222-4000. We’ll discuss the circumstances in your accident, answer your questions and let you know your legal options. No obligation, no fee.

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