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What is considered disability fraud?

What is disability fraud? The following is a list of fraudulent activities that could get you in trouble with the law:

  • Making false statements to the SSA.
  • Alleging a disability is worse than it is.
  • Coercing or helping an individual obtain disability benefits by creating false records showing a medical disability. (Such as a doctor, therapist or other medical professional)
  • Hiding facts that affect eligibility from the SSA.
  • Falsifying medical documents of patients to make them seem disabled when they are not.
  • Doing legitimate work despite claiming to be suffering from disability: It has been found that people suffering from various invisible disabilities are working in jobs they claim they cannot do while enjoying the benefits offered for the disabled.
  • Pretending to be suffering from any kind of Injury: People do pretend to be suffering from some kinds of illness and even doctors can’t prove that wrong. So they intentionally pretend to be disabled, in order to enjoy the benefits offered to them by various agencies.
  • Continuing to claim benefits even after recovering from disability: Not all disabilities are permanent and people are cured every day. Some, however, continue to claim benefits for many years afterwards regardless though.
  • Failing to notify the SSA of a change in material circumstances.
  • Cashing the check of a deceased person who was receiving Social Security in order to obtain that person's disability benefits.
  • Using the Social Security number of another person to obtain disability benefits.

If you have been charged with any of the above or similar disability fraud charges, please call us today. We can help. Our defense attorney Anne J. D’Elia specializes in these cases and has helped many others get the best possible outcome for their case.

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